Ho Hum Dogs


You've heard of 'Moon Walkers" and "Space Walkers" and "Tight Rope Walkers", here at Ho Hum we have "Dog Walkers." Yes, your furry friends are welcome at Ho Hum because we are very dog friendly. We just ask.....

.... keep them on a leash at all times.

.... don't leave your dogs unattended outside of your rig. 

.... pick up their "Product", as we say here at Ho Hum, in the  park,

     on adjoining properties, and on all beach areas. 

.... for the comfort of all our guests, no excessive barking. 

.... no aggressive behavior allowed.....two or four legged.

​                 Ho Hum adjoins a secluded

                 half mile beach that dogs have

                 told us they really love.



                                                           To ensure that our guests enjoy 

                                        “Just another Ho Hum day in paradise”.

                                              It takes a “village” of courteous people.                                            

      We ask that you PLEASE.....

.... Drive at a Ho Hum pace.
.... Do not remove Health Dept. back flow preventer brass fitting  on water spigot. (State regulation). 
.... Use an approved sewer connection (State regulation). We have supplies for sale in office.
.... One RV & one vehicle. per site. Empty sites may get rented so please do not park there.
.... No campfires, tents, clothes lines, wind chimes, or fireworks.
.... Quiet times 10 p.m until 8 a.m. Loud music and late parties are “no no’s”.

.... Alcohol permitted on your campsite only and out of view.  No public intoxication allowed.

.... Keep your site tidy with minimal storage.

.... RV & car washes are allowed at a fee but not mechanical work, oil changing, etc.
.... No “shortcuts” through your neighbors’ campsites.

.... Any commercial sales activities, while a guest at Ho Hum, requires approval from office.
.... Please dispose of cigarette butts properly.
.... Park facilities are for our registered guests only.
....Ho Hum RV Park isn't responsible for items left outside of your camper.

.... Place all refuge in the dumpster on NW corner of park.

    ​ We do have bears that love garbage.
....  Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

.... No climbing on or moving of rocks.
.... Enter & exit beach from pier or either end.

.... Keep our pier clean & clear of all fishing debris.

.... Fish only one rod and small tackle box when other fishermen are present.

.... Do not leave poles and gear unattended.
.... For safety reasons, refrain from shark fishing!
.... Ho Hum does not have a pier fishing license. 
.... No boat loading and unloading from, or tying to the pier.

.... Use only the provided bait cutting boards.  Not pier railings.

.... Cast net users, please remove seaweed from pier.

.... Stack chairs in corner when not in use.

.... No coolers with alcohol allowed.

Off  Scenic  Hwy 98 E

        Carrabelle FL




Ho Hum RV Park

Just another Ho Hum day in paradise