Off  Scenic  Hwy 98 E

        Carrabelle FL

St James Bay Golf Course

Robert Walker worked closely with Audubon International to create a course in complete harmony with nature. This perfectly manicured 18-hole championship course gives golfers the ability to play a more strategic game of golf.

Owner recommendation- Plan your visit to include lunch or dinner at the restaurant in the lodge.

Links to Camp Gordon Johnston museum, Crooked River Lighthouse, Carrabelle history museum, and St. James Golf Course.

Links to Gulf Specimen Marine Lab and Wakulla Springs State Park

Gulf Specimen Marine Lab

Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory in Panacea, Florida is a thirty minute drive from Carrabelle. Experience marine biology through interactive touch aquariums and demonstrations. Telephone: (850) 984-5297

                     Camp Gordon Johnston

Camp Gordon Johnston opened in 1942 for the sole purpose of training amphibious soldiers and their support groups, this camp trained a quarter of a million men, closing in June of 1946.

Closest Walmart:  32 Miles in Crawfordville, FL (850) 926-1560

Easy country drive.   Just up the road north from Wakulla Springs.

And a little further out.

Things to do in Carrabelle FL area...

Ho Hum RV Park

Just another Ho Hum day in paradise

  Carrabelle History Museum

The history of Dog Island and Carrabelle Florida includes a wonderful mix of Indians, shipping, bootlegging, logging and war.

                      Wakulla Springs State Park

Wakulla Springs State Park is a 45 minute drive from Carrabelle on Hwy 61 S.  The main spring is the world’s largest and deepest freshwater spring, located near Tallahassee, Florida with Swimming, Guided River Boat Tours, Bird Watching, Historic Lodge, Picnicking, Concessions, Nature Trails, Snorkeling, Interpretive Exhibits, Horse Trails and more. Open 365 days per year. There are more than 80 other sinkholes, streams and windows into the aquifer within the 6,800-acre park (hence Wakulla Springs).

                              Crooked River Lighthouse

For 118 years the Crooked River Lighthouse has stood as a beacon, guiding timber ships as well as local fishermen and oystermen through the treacherous pass between Dog and St. George Islands, along Florida's

Panhandle.  Built in 1895,

this iron and steel structure

replaced the lighthouse on

Dog Island, which was

destroyed by hurricane in 1873.