How to hook-up your cable TV.

   1.   Make sure your antenna booster is turned off.
   2.   Ho Hum RV Park has SECOND GENERATION digital cable service so you must have a SECOND GENERATION  digital TV. 

         Some first generation TV's like older Element, Seiki, Emerson, LG, Colby, will not work.   
   3.   If your TV is second generation digital ready, scan for digital channels, and you will receive over 70 channels.
         If not second generation (older flat screens, or Old picture tube) TVs will receive nothing.

                                         Below is the Ho Hum RV Park TV channel guide. 
             The local stations are from Tallahassee (Eastern Time Zone) and Panama City (Central Time Zone).

Just another Ho Hum day in paradise

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'Just another Ho-Hum Day in Paradise.'

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Ho Hum RV Park

For your convenience Ho Hum has a Propane filling station.

We fill Motor Homes and a variety of propane tanks. 

Ho Hum RV Park 'Just another Ho-Hum Day in Paradise'

    T shirts, Hats and doggie waste bags are sold by the hosts

     of Ho Hum with 100% of the profits donated to

  Franklin County Humane Society

     So, when you make a purchase, you will be doing a

Random Act of Kindness.







                                                  Ho Hum Wifi

    Ho Hum RV Park has a Cloud managed wifi/internet system and best of all, it is FREE!!  We have 2 wifi Gateways above the office building and 4 nodes dedicated to a specific section of the park. Our wifi signal is password protected for your added security.

     At check-in you will be given a voucher with your own wifi password. The voucher is good for 2 device for the length of your stay.  
    Even though we try to provide state of the art internet service there are a few things you can do, as a guest, that will help your internet connection. Since wifi signals are delicate by nature, try to sit as close to a window in your rig in a direct line to the transmitter node

     Our wifi will only support emails and light surfing of the web. (Facebook, Twitter, small YouTube videos) No movies, business or heavy streaming. 

Off  Scenic  Hwy 98 E

        Carrabelle FL